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Most IKEA products are designed so customers can easily assemble them themselves. It‘s also better for the budget. However, we can assist. Product assembly takes around 7-10 days and takes place in-store. The customer has to pick up and transport the product home. The in-store assembly is limited by weight, size and how fragile the product is.

We don‘t offer assembly for products that are wider than 90 cm, 70 kg or heavier or taller than 190 cm. We don‘t assemble corner-work areas, kitchen cabinets or products that are partly made of glass. We offer sofa assembly, excluding sofas that have sofa bedframes (due to both weight and difficulty with delivery).

More information is available at the Service Desk.

The price for assembly is  5.000,- if the product costs less then 20.000,- .After that the price for assembly is 30% of the product cost.

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